a nice accident!

Astagfirullah, Astagfirullahal'adhim ...
Yesterday I crash. One incident that I think it is very beautiful. Well you know? Right, because it turns out God is keeping a secret behind it.
First, when will go to padayungan to pick up, I've had no heart. So I repeatedly say istigfar and said so on najiah (friend who took me on a motorcycle).

"Naj, do not make me Unsave"

Haha, of course she was shocked to hear my last words. She changed so hesitant to bum me, he feared nothing, because maybe I will get married soon.
But I tried to convince myself, as though somewhere along the way still have a doubt in my heart.
And, sure, we got a ticket from the police because the way we passed is forbidden. haha, and I was forced to spend 35,000 Rupiah. Ckck,

So what's up there? Yet, because of the way home, it's when I can see the power of Allah.

As we quietly running motor, suddenly a truck turns, the motor automatically hit it off instantly. Our bodies are bouncing a little away from the motor, and the motor was dropped. Which makes me shock was when my head slammed into the pavement, and the car stoped in front of my head . Masya Allah, my face instantly became pale.

Najiah, The Police and motorists had directly helped me. I was really nervous, shocked, can not believe that makes my lips became numb, can not say anything. The police officer suggested that they handled this incident, but I do not want to. I wanna go home, I just want to go home and immediately notify my Urul. But his HP was not active. I was sad, I repeatedly read istigfar.

But lucky, the truck driver had been a good mothers. She took us to a motorcycle repair shop, then give us compensation. Though there was no injury on our bodies, so did our motor. I just felt sore neck and hips. It's a miracle.

So unique that, thanks to this incident, the money replaced former police officer ticketed despite having a crash, hehe. But Allah's scenario is very beautiful. Although we've experienced an accident severe enough, but no members were hurt our bodies, subhanallah. Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar!

To cheer me up, my friends took me to Singaparna to play to our best friends house "Nurul". There we play, take pictures, and of course eating together, Alhamdulillah.......

Nurul's Home Garden, nice :)

a Rose Flower in the Nurul's Home Garden
With Nurul's Mother

eating together
Appearing our new driver; Ganiiii! hehe

           Warm Regards,
Lena Sa'yati


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